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Mosaic - Miniatures 1995 Symphonic Prog Italy

I Mosaic, con questo Miniatures, sembra vogliano dimostrarci quanto proressive si possa fare in meno di 3 minuti. Questo album ,è infatti composto da 40 brani, e nessuno raggiunge i tre minuti di durata.
Le 40 miniature musicali, sembra, abbiano comunque un filo conduttore e nel loro incedere ci ricordano Genesis e Gentle Giant.
Il disco è comunque curato, e il gruppo raggiunge senz'altro l'obbiettivo prefissatosi.
Voglio,quì, usare le parole dello stesso Crovella per meglio chiarire il concetto.
- In Composing this album I've followed the idea of undertaking an exciting adventure in creating brief"progressive"composition,with birth,development and end in a very short time: the equivalent of a miniature, that's a complete picture, well defined in every detail, in a small space.
At the same time I've felt the need of expanding some of my musical frontiers,using musical tools and moods in a way I have never tried before, without forgetting,as always, to put feeling before tecnique,emotions behind the notes. Theapproach to these 40 compositions was that every one of them should have its peculiar identity,sometime similar,other times completely different, to all the others. It's been a very long work,that took a great amount of time and I'd like to thank all the artists that contributed to it: from the vocal parts of Lalli, a singer from the Italian underground movement of the 80/90, to Miguel Angel Acosta a folk singer from Argentina,who contributed lyrics on"Reverdecerà",and to his "dreamin" son Lautaro; from the drumming of ex-companion in "Arti&Mestieri", Furio Chirico, to the drum parts of Charlie Morgan,Clyde Stubblefielf and Christen Jansson and Armando Borg on percussion: from the distorted guitar of Fabrizio Fratucelli, to the heartbeats of Coralie Rapa and Andrea Grosso;from the lyrics of italian poet Maurizio Perosa (with a tune in "Piemontese", my dialect) to the painter Pier Giuseppe Ocleppo, with his great ability to portray my mental images and expand them with his sensitivity; from my collaborator in Synergy, Mauro Loggia, always there to do the right thing at the right time, to Mr. Imago,Franco Vassia, the final scene-painter of the package of my progressive albums. I played all keyboards and sampled instruments. -

Tracks list:
1 - A White Horse In A Foggy Day
2 - Al Ruscello
3 - Coloro La Pioggia
4 - Valzer 70
5 - 'L Cartè
6 - Umbrellas
7 - The Giant Book
8 - Plasicity
9 - Ridammi La Mano
10- 1994
11- Late Night Polka
12- A Morning In October
13- Largo For Mellotrons
14- Nicht Zu Schnell
15- L'Illustration
16- The Red Car
17- In November
18- Gentle Ways
19- Narrano
20- Egg And Dart
21- That Friday
22- Stormy
23- The Young Painter
24- Due Cuori
25- Fonte
26- Figure 8
27- Scherzo For Mellotrons
28- Rain In The Wood
29- Arabian Arca
30- Piazza
31- Vista
32- The Mask
33- 33° Broken Suspence
34- Cavalcando En Un Raton
35- Beyond Those Pages
36- A New Design
37- In The Old Church
38- Il Ballo Del Saggio
39- Reverdecerà
40- Mosaicouverture

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