domenica 19 ottobre 2008

Genesis - Track Selling By The Pound

Track list:
01/08 - Dancing With A Monlight Night
09/11 - IKWIL
12/13 - Firth Of Fifth
14/22 - The Battle Of Epping Forest
23/30 - The Cinema Show

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wajorama ha detto...

Great blog!! Thanks for this share.

According to CDDB "Track England By The Pound" is the first CD (out of 2) of the bootleg "In The Glare Of A Light ..." (1994) called "CD1 - The Garden Wall". Do you have the second CD called "CD2 - Revelation"? If so can you post it?

Also if you are interested I own a copy of a pirate Genesis CD called "Musical Box" (from the guys of NEW KERUAC LINE "NK 1027"). If interested I can upload a copy (FLAC) for you to post.

wajorama (Costa Rica)