domenica 14 settembre 2008

Haze - World Turtle 1994 UK

Haze were formed by & Paul McMahon in 1978 and established themselves in the early eighties as one of the hardest working underground"progressive"band. Ten years, four drummers and 700 gigs later,the band split up,leaving a legacy of 2 LPs ( now deleted ), 3 singles and 8 cassettes.The McMahon Brothers then formed World Turtle, a quartet including Pendragon drummer FudgeSmith, but the band was short-lived,breaking up in October 1989 when Paul left due to disillusionment with the music businnes.Two years later the brothers were back in businnes with a new band which, after a couple of name and line-up changes, slimmed down to a duo and once again became World Turtle.This CD features brand new recordings of the tracks that would have formed the third Haze LP, some of which appeared on the 2 World Turtle cassettes Alien Shore(1989) and Groove Taboo(1992), plus the best of recent World Turtle, re-recorded Haze tracks and the previously unreleased track Epitaph.Haze on record never really lived up to Haze on stage, although the remastered In The End CD on KInesis Disc goes sameway to redress this. This CD has finally provided well recorded Haze music, plus a taste of the more recent works of World Turtle. 1) The Ember 2) See Her Face 3) Ship of Fools 4) The Edge of Heaven 5) Don't Leave Me Here 6) Epitaph 7) Under My Skin 8) New Dark Ages 9) Safe Harbour 10) Autumn 11) Another Country 12) Straw House 13) Wooden House 14) Stone House

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