sabato 1 novembre 2008

Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces 1979 UK

Il primo di una lunga serie di album di demo e outtakes conservati nel cilindro di questo mago del progressive.
Episodi acustici che ricordano il primo periodo passato con i Genesis.
Track list:
01 - Beauty And The Beast
02 - Field of Eternity
03 - Tibetan Yak-Music
04 - Lullaby-Old Father Time
05 - Harmonium In The Dust
06 - Tregenna Afternoons
07 - Stranger
08 - Reaper
09 - Autumnal
10 - Flamingo
11 - Seven Long Years
12 - Silver Song

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Andrew Sanchezky ha detto...

when i go to rapidshare its display this message:
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Peter Hammill ha detto...

Hello my good friend..I'm a daily friend of this terrific blog!! The Marillion Bootleg saga was a great gift to all prog lovers!!!

I just wanna the album : "Marillion - Clutching At Straws - remaster 2 cd edition" and I can't find it anywhere!!!!
Please post this true gem if you can!!

"Life gets Sweeter Everyday"

Peter Hammill - SP - Brasil

wkc ha detto...

I apprecaite all your wonderful shares. I also would love to have this link reactivated if possible. Thank you

willy-rock ha detto...

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