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Protos - One Day a New Horizon (New Prog)UK 1982(2006)

Tracks list:

1) The Fugitive 9:01
2) Thing of Beauty 4:06
3) The Maiden 5:55
4) Panamor 5:24
5) Hunting Extremely Large Animals 2:49
6) New Horizon 9:28
7) The Flea 3:00
8) Variations 5:50

Rory Ridley-Duff - Tastiere
Steve Anscombe - Chitarre
Neil Goldsmith - Batteria

PROTOS were a college rock band formed in the late 1970s by keyboard player Rory Ridley-Duff and guitarist Stephen Anscombe. By the early 1980s, lain Carneige and Nigel Rippon had joined. Rory's and Steve's alb um "One Day a New Horizon" propelled the group to local fame in Chichester(England), but a big record deal eluded them. By 1984, with Rory studying music at London University and lain at the Royal Academy of Music, the four musicians started to focus on other musical projects. In 2006, Rory's first solo album triggered renewed interest in "One Day a New Horizon"and New Horizon Music Ltd was born to enable new musical collaborations.

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