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Tamarisk - Tamarisk (EP) 1982 Neo Prog (UK)

Progressive Hard Rock outfit formed by former CHEMICAL ALICE men vocalist Andy Grant and keyboard player Steve Leigh.

A three song cassette emerged in 1982 with the band putting in South England club shows throughout 1983.

Later that same year they also recorded a session for Tommy Vance's BBC Radio 1 "Friday Rock Show".

TAMARISK guitarist Pete Munday would later team up with erstwhile AUNT MAY members drummer Brian Munday and guitarist Lance The Creature, vocalist Grim Fable and former SWEET REVENGE bassist Kid 'Bastard' Kobra to create the 1987 act GRIMM FACTS.

Another TAMARISK guitarist Nick May joined DAGABAND and then JADIS.

May would later figure in QUASAR and appear on THE ENID's 'Sundialer' album.

Keyboard player Steve Leigh joined QUASAR in the late 80's.

Nick May would be announced as joining the reformed KARNATAKA in mid 2005.

Tracks list:
01) Ascension
02) Christmas Carol
03) Breaking The Chains
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