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Closure - Italian Prog

PROG NEWS - CLOSURE (Album in uscita entro Dicembre 2013)

Biografia in inglese:

Closure is an idea that grew inside the mind of five guys and, like any idea which takes over people, it wasn't recognized right away, and in the beginning it was buried in their unconscious.
This is what happend to the members of this band who met in January 2009 to start this project.
Two years later Closure released their first work "Striving for Knowledge", an instrumental concept album which unites different art forms: Music, Writing and Painting.
The band, with this self-produced album, took part in different local festivals and competitions (Emergenza Festival,Rock Targato Italia, Band Aid), always arriving among the top 3.
In September 2011 they presented "Striving for Knowledge" at the important independent music festival "Mei Supersound" in Faenza.
But it was during that winter that the band realized that a small, nearly paranoid idea had taken possession of them.
With the help of Fabio Piotto, a sound technician, and the addition of a singer in the project, Closure began to identify the idea in the imaginary character of Mark Mullighan.
At that point the band underwent a change in style becoming a sort of psychedelic medium through which Mr. Mullighan comes alive and speaks.
Psychedelic-Rock? Art-Rock? Progressive-Rock? You can't give an idea a static structure, and this is at the foundation of Closure's new important project: to be against the idea that everything has to be labeled always and at all costs.
Mark Mullighan and his story make their appearance in various venues in Piedmont and Lombardy.
With this project Closure won first price at the 2012 "Cuorgné Rock Festival", which gives them the chance to play at the 2013 "Tavagnasco Rock Festival".
In September 2012 the band too the stage at the "Festoria" festival in Saronno, receiving many compliments and widespread appreciation.
In Saronno Fabio Piotto recoded the performance from which five original tracks have been published in a demo album which will be released at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013.
Their sound and lyrics, at times full of anguish and suppressed anger, (like Mark Mullighan's life is repressed, full of psychopharmacological drugs and subjected to electroshock treatment), caught the attention of the jury of Nico Spinosa from RNC Music, who was at the final of the "Band Aid" competition in Milan, which the band won.
At the moment Closure are still working on their project and will shortly record a studio album, which will be followed by a promotional tour intended to bring to light the Mark Mullighan who is in each one of you...

"Look at us Edwin, you're the psychiatrist and I'm the patient, but as we both wear a smock tell me...where's the difference?"

Closure, an idea inside your head...

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